The Islamabad Expressway is the backbone of transportation between the North and the South regions of the country. It provides a crucial access passage to the dwellers of Islamabad and Rawalpindi too. Not only this, the Islamabad Expressway has opened many new avenues for projects of diverse nature as well.

Let’s just have a look at the advantages that you can have if you get an apartment close to the Islamabad Expressway.

1. The Perfect Radius

The Capital Icon covers whole area of importance. Its surroundings include Marriage Halls, Airport, Malls ,  Restaurants and Cafe’, Parks and Universities and easy access to whole Islamabad.

2. The Communities

The location of Capital Icon is central to all communities and societies. Capital Icon is near to PWD, Bharia Town, Naval Anchorage, Gulberg Greens and Emaar. People of different class, culture and background reside in these societies and those living in Capital Icon will have the ease of approach to all of them.

The Capital Icon’s Location

3. A Signature Lifestyle

A signature lifestyle which anyone could ever imagine is offered by Capital Icon. The lavish apartments along with the facilities of 24/7 power backup, Mosque, car parking, swimming pool, gymnasium, kids play area, 24/7 health care clinic with ambulance, open cinema, restaurant, cafe’ and billiards.

4. The Signal-free Corridor

The signal-free corridor, the path connects Zero Point in Islamabad to Rawat on the Grand Trunk (GT) Road, offering a wider route to traffic entering and exiting the city. Capital Icon will have the benefit of using this 5 lane signal-free road which is about to expand to 8 lane according to recent news, to access Islamabad in short time.

Not only this but many other upcoming projects will enhance the importance of your apartment near Islamabad Expressway. So having  own apartment at Capital Icon brings you all the facilities and signature lifestyle for future. As Ralph Marston said: “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”.

An evening view of Islamabad Expressway





The political maturity of a nation is a guarantee to a sound future, and luckily the Pakistani nation is attaining this level gradually. Some experts could read the undertone of a positive change happening around us. The nation is moving towards a stable political system that could accommodate various strains at a time. These moments are precious. Those who tap this moment from the investment point of view shall be among the most successful tomorrow insha ALLAH.

Your own apartment in a lavish yet very economical luxury apartments’ project, the Capital Icon, would be the best decision you can make today in the above perspective. Its location is marvelous, and the features offered there, are exceptional.

Secondly, the prospects of a higher return on your investment in the Capital Icon as profoundly high for many reasons but among the most are as follows:

  • Islamabad as a favorite destination – this is an evergreen factor
  • Prime location – located on the 6-lane signal free Islamabad Expressway
  • Reduction in access time – with an up-gradation of the Islamabad Expressway, access time to major facilities shall be reduced further
  • Neighborhood – development in the PWD area that also connects to the Bahria Town, will increase the importance as the Capital Icon is right in front of the PWD
  • Arrival of more projects from the same group in the same area in the near future

Read the moment and ride the waves.


The Pakistan’s politics has entered into the functional phase of the general elections of 2018. The political activities have been getting intense by each passing day as major players have geared up their activities on the ground. This scenario is very important for all of us, and especially for ones who are working abroad as they cannot find the minute details of the political stage of the country. It could intensify a bit further.

In any scenario, your investment is safe if it is made in projects that have been founded on the sound legal basis. AlhamduliLLAH, the project of the Capital Icon has been developed strictly under the country’s rules and the regulations related to real estate and residential projects. You can find the authenticity of the Capital Icon on the website of the Capital Development Authority anytime you want.

The best thing about the Capital Development Authority is that it keeps a very watchful eye on the residential real estate projects to protect the investors’ rights. This activity could not be jeopardized by any political development whatsoever.

In this scenario, your investment in the Capital Icon luxury apartments is not only safe but more solid in terms of return on investment.

A complete peace of mind is all that we offer today and tomorrow.


On those rainy days

When the sky grows dark

I can feel the storm

Brewing inside of me

Clouding my thoughts

Weighing down my heart

I find solace in the

The grey clouds that move

Easily through the sky

They will carry me

To the clearing where

Rays of sunlight still shine

By Christy Ann Martine

The rain is fun, and especially when it falls nonstop during the monsoon in Islamabad. To make the most of this rain just spark the plugs of your 4×4 and leave your Capital Icon luxury apartment to hit Margallah hills in the next few minutes.

Enjoy the company of clouds with your loved ones!