Values run through the veins of your family system. You prefer leading a family that wins every battle of life in the flying colors. For this particular reason, you make tough choices and big decisions when and where needed. It could include making a choice for the place where you want your resources to be placed in future. The choice of the place your generations be interacting with the future at. It must be a city of resources.

You may think twice when you have to make a choice between different options available where you could invest for your coming generations. Among many other reasons, the potential of the location and the significance of this location on the map of the country seem more important. Islamabad, for example, offers amazing reasons to be considered as one possible destination.

It is witnessed that the process of migration to Islamabad from across the country is continuing over the years for reasons like security, infrastructure, quality education, and better future prospects etc. I would like to discuss here few important points in favor of Islamabad for your consideration:


Nothing on earth could be safe in today’s challenging security scenario but what matters is the human effort that makes the cities safer. Since Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, the security preparedness is kept to a definite high all the time. Secondly, the measures taken to keep the city safe are much better than many other capitals of the region. It will always remain a priority for the top managers of the country.

Clean and Green

Thanks to the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad is considered among the best-managed capitals of the world. Special arrangments are not just projects that eliminate after a certain period of time, those are controlled under solid regimes. So this area will flourish in the days to come.

Quality Education

With the rising number of people purchasing properties and shifting their families to Islamabad, the education sector is also responding the same way. Most of the quality government and private educational institutions have their campuses in the city.

Property, and Investment Opportunities

Islamabad is one of the biggest destinations that invite investment in real estate from across the country. These opportunities have largely proved to be more lucrative due to the increasing focus of establishment on civic development. Mega projects like new Islamabad airport and Metro are very close to completion.

In this arising scenario, your investment in Islamabad, and that too in the city’s central areas could be the best decision you make for the future of your generations next. You can consider the Capital Icon luxury apartments, a project by the Curvestone Constructions to stay closer to the infrastructure, and arising opportunities in Islamabad. After all, it is a reality extracted from your dreams.

Welcome to Islamabad!


The international relations experts are suggesting that Pakistan and especially its capital city are increasingly becoming the most visited destinations in the region due to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The business class from across the world has to visit these areas frequently and that moment is not very far. Sinc the CPEC has to serve at least 53 countries across the globe, the size of the opportunities could be visualized easily. Chances are that many multinational firms may open their remote offices in this region. It will increase the need for the best quality accommodation facilities for their human resource in the capital.

Where to Invest in Islamabad

From the investment point of view, this very fact provides a huge opportunity to those who could manage to place their stakes in the luxury living facilities in Islamabad. Another critical fact is that this city is expanding outwards rapidly hence the quality accommodation facilities are not being constructed in the central areas of the city, unfortunately. The business class prefers accommodation in the central areas for the hassle and time-related issues you know.

Islamabad Expressway
Islamabad Expressway

Why the Access Matters?

In short, a luxury residential apartments project like Capital Icon by the Curvestone Constructions could be an answer to this need. The Capital Icon is located on a major 6-lane signal free corridor, the Islamabad Expressway, that connects you to all the important places in few minutes.

Not only that, the quality standards that have been being maintained in the project, are unparalleled in its class. More to that, the price these apartments are being offered on, is unmatchable. So there is no reason to consider this option immediately.

Is your investment CPEC ready?


The online shopping is increasingly becoming mainstream these days. There is a lot to love about online shopping on local and international platforms. The best thing that I love in particular about the entire online shopping experience is that you can compare the prices on a couple of clicks without having to visit different plazas for the same reason. Another interesting thing is that you do not have to deal with the queues of traffic on your way to the market and find parking spaces clogged always. You may have a different impression but convenience is the one word if I have to define it.

In your online shopping experience, you get different products in different categories at prices that are often lower than what you found in the brick stores in the market usually. But sometimes those rock-bottom price tags mask some potentially dangerous problems. You cannot ignore the possibility of online retail outlets involved in selling counterfeit, expired, or stolen goods. Since sites like Amazon, Daraz and others allow you to buy from third-party vendors, you won’t be sure you’re purchasing from the actual manufacturer and not a criminal using a similar company name. I am sharing some useful info about some of the routine purchases below.

1. Cosmetics

Makeup items and perfumes have become a huge business for online retailers. But unfortunately, there is no regime to check the quality of manufacturing units and factories. It is observed that materials developed in subpar units could contain toxic chemicals potentially leaving the user with ugly and irreparable side effects.

2. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Nutritional supplements have also developed a huge market online these days. Scammers can easily change the date on a package to extend the expiration date. An expired product just would not work. At worst, it can be dangerous. So, when you purchase supplements from online stores, try to find one with established good reputation.

3. Sun Screen

As mentioned above, the scammers can easily change the expiry date on products, they can also change the ‘use by’ date on such items. Though the sunscreens are not edible items still the fact is that the sunscreens exposure to heat and moisture could cause those to lose sun-blocking properties. Using an expired lotion will increase your risk of burns and damage to your pretty skin. Go for a safer alternative and find authentic outlet even if it is a bit expensive.

The good thing is that your favorite luxury apartments project, the Capital Icon is located near the huge and lavish marketplace, the PWD. So you find it very convenient and safe to purchase your favorite items from your trustworthy outlets physically.

Happy monsoon!



They say a home is where your love is. I wasn’t convinced with this thought initially but realized later on that we could seed love among our relationships and lifestyle only if we have developed a great place to live in. Another thing that I have found out in this quest is that the tangible things matter less and among intangible things, your focus on one thing matters a lot. That is, how much importance you give to your loved ones. The rule is that the energy that you give to others, reflects. Another exciting thing that I explored was that you could actually feel the tangible contours of your dreams if love prevails somewhere. It happens when you start believing in the place and the people around you. Such environment is the perfect place to realize the toughest things ever.

The love helps shape up your signature family lifestyle too. The transfer of energy from one individual to another leads to success on all the fronts a family has to respond to. A home is like a tree that has grown from a small seed, the seed of care. You seed care and water it with hopes and sacrifices to see it becoming a huge place for meeting the challenges of modern day pressures. Otherwise, the exhaustion prevails and that is the most devastating thing for a family environment.

Being the lady of the home, I have to manage some other things too. I have to give my family the most productive tangible environment too. For this, I manage my home environment and ambiance considering the requirement of every individual in the set of my family. Selection of the location of the family home matters a lot in this case.

After visiting the Capital Icon, a luxury apartments project by the Curvestone Constructions, I have realized that it could be the best place to seed my love, care and hopes for my family. I say this for a reason. The location of Capital Icon luxury apartments matches the contours of my dream for the success of my family from the access point of view. You may also like to explore it to see if it adds anything to your own ideas also.

Happy family life!


Your living room is a place where you spend the most of your day time watching TV, walking between different rooms, munching on chips, having a chit-chat with family members and sometimes, hatching dreams for the future of your next generation and beyond. This place becomes the nucleus of the entire family somehow. Since the living room is a place where your guests and you go to kick back and relax after a long day, it has to be very comfortable and handy for all.

You might have observed that the living room becomes a place where the television, computer and other knick-knacks come together and choke the space in many homes. Many people think that having a larger space is better but that it is not always true. The secret to making a living room look good and more lively is to take advantage of every inch of the space that you have.

While managing a smaller living room, handy furniture is not a must. There is also no need to fill the space with a giant couch or table. Do not try to resist filling up space, when you do not need to. This will just make your guests and you feel like you are being crowded out.

The elements like designed shelving, hidden storage, accent lighting and solid color schemes also go a long way in making a small space seem larger. All the spaces present design challenges but designing a smaller one can be especially tricky. We have to do it because the living room is where you probably spend the most of your time, and certainly, the one guests experience the most of.

To make your small living room seem bigger, I am sharing some hacks here:

  1. Try to focus your wall and use mirror and wallpapers.
  2. Add hidden storages.
  3. Choose small-scaled furniture.
  4. Completely fill a corner.
  5. Downsize the sofa.
  6. Try a Deewan instead of a sofa if possible.
  7. Add some plants of algae and fern family to add green instead of plants of bigger leaves.
  8. Use multifunctional furniture.
  9. Manage in-wall storage.
  10. Use armchairs and easy chairs instead of solid wood sofas.

Your living room is ready to invite as many guests as you want now.