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Many of the Isloo-ites can easily recall their conversations with relatives or friends living abroad, or in any other city of Pakistan for that matter, to discuss the possibility of purchasing an best apartments in Islamabad. Since they receive such calls more often, they keep on looking for options in town to refer to their loved ones.

I am sure that they would be considering the things that really matter in the long run instead of the plastics of branding etc. In my opinion, any project of luxury apartments must have a few basics fixed at least. What I consider as the most important are as follows.

Best Apartments in Islamabad

Your busy lifestyle doesn’t give you the luxury of spare time, and when you have to move in and out many a time daily, you may not afford a place that is always unreachable due to distance or heavy traffic flow. So, the location of your luxury apartment is key to accessibility.

Ice cream


Mood matters a lot in a family life. When and where you have to move, you never know. Be it two scoops of ice cream for your little one, or a pair of shoes for the lady of the home, you have to go. Now, everything has to be within your access, otherwise returning half full won’t be a good idea. What about a luxury apartment on a 6-lane signal free Islamabad Expressway that gets you everywhere in minutes whenever you want?


The budget matters, period. It has to be according to your pocket and future financial plans. Be sure, it is.

Return on Investment

When you invest in an area that is considered the next hub of development in Islamabad by the real estate experts, you need not be worried about the return at all. Importantly, the area of Capital Enclave is developing fast. The areas that develop profoundly, always offer the best return on your investment.

Capital Icon Rooftop Swimming Pool

Quality Living

Last but not least, unique features that you get as part of the package must be considered the most. In the Capital Icon luxury apartments, there is a list of exceptionally useful yet unique features that have been designed for you including roof top swimming pool and roof top restaurant etc.

In short, the project of Capital Icon luxury apartments is the best opportunity you could recommend your loved ones to tap as an option. After all, you are recommending them nothing less than a jewel in the heart of Islamabad.


Whenever I think about my home, a place where I can live according to my own ideas and my own way without any interruption and interference I feel very much relaxed and freshed.

My own bedroom, TV lounge, kitchen, drawing room and my son’s room I try to decorate them as per my decorative sense, it will be awesome for everyone, when my guests will come to my home they will praise my efforts as well.

So in actual life whenever I visit to my dear one’s home I try to make analysis to their efforts how they decorate, how they maintain, wall’s designs, floor structuring and one most important point is the society or town or sector, means surroundings of house that matters a lot.

So, after examining all these points i am making my “own home” point easier and adjustable for me and start thinking according to that.

My mother used to say that “ A home is a place where your story can begin” mother father and their kids can write their own story by the help of their home, you are 4 living person in a home or five or more then all these, each one write their own story in terms of success, in terms of experiences and in terms of dreams as well.

According to your home story of success, experience and dream all based on selection of your home town and your savings. In lavish green sites you always feel more relax but in rushy noisy area anyone can be sick, harsh in feelings and irritated.

So whenever you try or think to sale a plot for your own home try to make a wise decision because one you draw your savings you cannot put it back to the account because it is not possible.

From inside you can make a place no matter how much the plot or place is, but from outside you cannot make beautiful streets or managed town. So try to build less house but more home for your own self.



There are lots of things that you imagine in your life and just leave without considering the fact that you could have achieved those with a small push. And more interestingly, these things could be managed without much ado. Like, beautifying further the home spaces on fresh patterns to make your life more peaceful, has become so easy because of the availability of modern furniture and other articles easily. This rapidly developing industry is definitely going to add value to our lifestyle in the coming days. So, let’s take advantage of this. There are many other things too to enhance your lifestyle mark. I am suggesting a few things to give you an idea.

Water and Greenery

Water and greenery for peace

Dedicated spaces inside your home to get some fresh air, and have peace of mind from your busy lifestyle. It could be as small as a pot of fresh plants to as big as an entire area on ground. Water and greenery is a must. It will help you regulate your work, sleep and diet patterns.


Colors for peaceful living
Colors for peaceful living

The color and the décor of a room influence your thought processes. So the selection of the color is very important, be it your living area or the kitchen. You can make it comfy and big or congested, both depend on color. Either its white, olive green or black it should be according to your heart’s color.


Furniture for peaceful living
Furniture for peaceful living

After the peace of mind and wall colors, another important thing is furniture. It should be handy but at the same time very artistic and unique. Creative and stylish furniture makes life more pleasing aesthetically. In an apartment, the sofa could be of leather or wood but it should be handy and comfortable. The reason behind that is the need to changing the arrangements for occasions like parties etc more often.


Curtains for peaceful living
Curtains for peaceful living

Another important thing is the selection of curtains for your doors and windows. If you go for longer curtains that fall from the ceiling and kiss the floor, it should be of bright color and the fabric should be thin. Thinner fabric lets the background wall’s color reflect nicely.


Lights for peaceful living
Lights for peaceful living

Very technical as well as aesthetical… illumination is very effective for making your living moire peaceful. Selection of the chandelier becomes very important to gel with the color scheme of the room. If it is in sync, everything will make your smile expand. But if the light is not properly chosen, the chemistry between all the articles inside the room will be jeopardized.

The last thing to conclude my piece, I am suggesting just one thing, water, greenery, colors, and lights must be considered aesthetically as well as technically. Happy living!


Normally we start and end our weeks with nest of hopes and plans… and then… what happens… the same boring life, same tough schedule, crawling towards the workplace… and getting enough sleep at the end of a hard day. What we could do is just small things instead of focusing on the entire week and its busy schedules. In fact, the weekend is a perfect thought window to make plans and conduct activities that help you to get you out of your busy routines. You should avail your weekends but just in case you are busy in searching for luxury apartments in Islamabad or elsewhere, you can try this stuff.

  1. Try to meditate

Give ten minutes to yourself, try to relax, think only about those things that you really want, either it’s your life, dreams, food, or a movie. This 10 minutes window of meditation in a day is enough to make you feel better. This process will make you relax and your mind will be working more efficiently, and calmly.


  1. Have some sweets or chocolate

Take a chair, relax and eat something sweets. Better if you take some dark chocolate. Upon a few bites, you’ll feel relaxing. Your thought process will be calmer, faster and more creative. Chances are that you could have more innovative ideas because it improves cognitive performance as well.

  1. Ten minutes’ walk

You can take your pets out, ride a bicycle or walk in the nearby woods to feel the surroundings and catch some fresh air as well. This process shall make you feel fresh. They say that walk is the best window to talk to your soul and tap new ideas.

  1. Plan for a movie

To relax, try a movie of your choice. Usually, movies not only relax your mind but get your body fabric relax and calm down also.

  1. Meet with your friend

Try to meet a person with whom you can sit for few minutes so that you could enjoy their company and get attain more peace of mind. They say that the friend’s soul is the couch of your brain. Speaking about your dear ones could make you relax at the end of the day.

Be sure that these 5 simple tips would help you feel better whenever you try.


Lush green mountains, waterfalls, lakes, tracks and trails in the proximity of one city… is a dream that leads you to Islamabad. Pakistan’s window to its mesmerizing North, the capital city of Islamabad, is located in the foothills of lush green Margalla Hills.

Islamabad’s location as a junction of different critical regions, its picturesque residential areas and projects like Capital Icon, gorgeous weather, and seemingly blissful landscapes make it one of the beautiful cities of the world.


Let me tell you what Islamabad literally means.

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is the 10th largest city of the country. It is considered the land of beauty and lush green mountains, the door of Margalla hills and a window to the northern areas of Pakistan. Don’t tell me that you never dreamt to live in Islamabad? It has fancied many, and so many migrated to this city by choice. You could be the next as well.

Islamabad is a truly beautiful place where everyone would dream of living. If mountain scenery and fresh air is your choice, then Islamabad is an ideal place for you. Parks of Islamabad cater to many visitors daily, who enjoy the beauty with a fully satisfied soul. Imagine how would you feel to wake up every morning in such a beautiful city.

You will certainly find peace and quiet in the beautiful city of Islamabad. Life in Islamabad is just amazing because of its scenic views, restaurants, ideal shopping places.

Home of your own, is an essential part of a successful life. Home means a place where you feel comfortable and loved by the members of your family, and friends as well. When we visit options of apartments to purchase, we try to look for reasons of comfort and care in a place for the fact that these two things have to build the real foundation of a sweet family. So we cannot compromise on that. So an apartment is where you feel more comfortable, safe and cared.

We are not discussing any particular class or the house of eight bedrooms and lavish lawns but we are talking about an apartment full of life and sweet happenings. An apartment that has everything in abundance like electrical system, nicely done plumbing, and superb ventilation etc so that you and your family could enjoy the most precious moments of life in more peaceful and mentally relaxing environment.

My humble submission is that you could consider a project that is located at the prime location on 6 lane signal free Islamabad Expressway, and that has everything that you may need, under one roof. It is the Capital Icon, Islamabad – a project by the credible builders of the region, the Curvestone Constructions, Islamabad.

Last but not the least, an apartment is a universe you live in, and it has to serve you the way you expect it to. No compromise at all.