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You want to decorate your bedroom apartment as per your dreams, cozy, big, elegant but within the limits of your pocket, and if most of your decorating budget went into the living room, you are probably panicking about your barren bedroom. Luckily, we are telling you about some hacks for decorating your bedroom as per your dream.


These affordable hacks only look expensive, so no one has to know you pulled it together on a shoestring budget. Check out our tricks for styling a dreamy boudoir.

1. Add drama with paint

A fresh coat of paint can instantly make a room feel new and polished. A bold color will help you make a major statement on a small budget. Try a moody wall color paired with glamorous metallic accents for a look that feels especially luxe.

2.Canopy with curtain rods

You can create a dreamy canopy bed on the cheap by hanging curtain rods from the ceiling.

3.Side-eye storage

Try utilizing your side table as a storage place for the odds and ends in your bedroom. We all know you are still clinging to that first-place of the trophy, but it does not exactly match your bedroom.

4.Traditional with twist

A room without any view? Center a mirror over your bed and give it the window treatment—flanking it with curtain panels hung from a rod. Classic hotel linens with a thick border complement the setup and frame the bed’s shape beautifully. Punch up solid white bedding with a printed toss pillow. A little decor goes a long way. Stick to essentials like a lamp and an accessory or two, such as an alarm clock or framed photo.

5.Pro styling tip

Creating your dream bed should not be a nightmare. Organic cotton is free of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, which lessens their impact on the environment although it raises their price. If someone in your family has skin sensitivities, certified organic textiles like these options may be your best choice.


Many of the Isloo-ites can easily recall their conversations with relatives or friends living abroad, or in any other city of Pakistan for that matter, to discuss the possibility of purchasing an best apartments in Islamabad. Since they receive such calls more often, they keep on looking for options in town to refer to their loved ones.

I am sure that they would be considering the things that really matter in the long run instead of the plastics of branding etc. In my opinion, any project of luxury apartments must have a few basics fixed at least. What I consider as the most important are as follows.

Best Apartments in Islamabad

Your busy lifestyle doesn’t give you the luxury of spare time, and when you have to move in and out many a time daily, you may not afford a place that is always unreachable due to distance or heavy traffic flow. So, the location of your luxury apartment is key to accessibility.

Ice cream


Mood matters a lot in a family life. When and where you have to move, you never know. Be it two scoops of ice cream for your little one, or a pair of shoes for the lady of the home, you have to go. Now, everything has to be within your access, otherwise returning half full won’t be a good idea. What about a luxury apartment on a 6-lane signal free Islamabad Expressway that gets you everywhere in minutes whenever you want?


The budget matters, period. It has to be according to your pocket and future financial plans. Be sure, it is.

Return on Investment

When you invest in an area that is considered the next hub of development in Islamabad by the real estate experts, you need not be worried about the return at all. Importantly, the area of Capital Enclave is developing fast. The areas that develop profoundly, always offer the best return on your investment.

Capital Icon Rooftop Swimming Pool

Quality Living

Last but not least, unique features that you get as part of the package must be considered the most. In the Capital Icon luxury apartments, there is a list of exceptionally useful yet unique features that have been designed for you including roof top swimming pool and roof top restaurant etc.

In short, the project of Capital Icon luxury apartments is the best opportunity you could recommend your loved ones to tap as an option. After all, you are recommending them nothing less than a jewel in the heart of Islamabad.


On those rainy days

When the sky grows dark

I can feel the storm

Brewing inside of me

Clouding my thoughts

Weighing down my heart

I find solace in the

The grey clouds that move

Easily through the sky

They will carry me

To the clearing where

Rays of sunlight still shine

By Christy Ann Martine

The rain is fun, and especially when it falls nonstop during the monsoon in Islamabad. To make the most of this rain just spark the plugs of your 4×4 and leave your Capital Icon luxury apartment to hit Margallah hills in the next few minutes.

Enjoy the company of clouds with your loved ones!


Values run through the veins of your family system. You prefer leading a family that wins every battle of life in the flying colors. For this particular reason, you make tough choices and big decisions when and where needed. It could include making a choice for the place where you want your resources to be placed in future. The choice of the place your generations be interacting with the future at. It must be a city of resources.

You may think twice when you have to make a choice between different options available where you could invest for your coming generations. Among many other reasons, the potential of the location and the significance of this location on the map of the country seem more important. Islamabad, for example, offers amazing reasons to be considered as one possible destination.

It is witnessed that the process of migration to Islamabad from across the country is continuing over the years for reasons like security, infrastructure, quality education, and better future prospects etc. I would like to discuss here few important points in favor of Islamabad for your consideration:


Nothing on earth could be safe in today’s challenging security scenario but what matters is the human effort that makes the cities safer. Since Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, the security preparedness is kept to a definite high all the time. Secondly, the measures taken to keep the city safe are much better than many other capitals of the region. It will always remain a priority for the top managers of the country.

Clean and Green

Thanks to the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad is considered among the best-managed capitals of the world. Special arrangments are not just projects that eliminate after a certain period of time, those are controlled under solid regimes. So this area will flourish in the days to come.

Quality Education

With the rising number of people purchasing properties and shifting their families to Islamabad, the education sector is also responding the same way. Most of the quality government and private educational institutions have their campuses in the city.

Property, and Investment Opportunities

Islamabad is one of the biggest destinations that invite investment in real estate from across the country. These opportunities have largely proved to be more lucrative due to the increasing focus of establishment on civic development. Mega projects like new Islamabad airport and Metro are very close to completion.

In this arising scenario, your investment in Islamabad, and that too in the city’s central areas could be the best decision you make for the future of your generations next. You can consider the Capital Icon luxury apartments, a project by the Curvestone Constructions to stay closer to the infrastructure, and arising opportunities in Islamabad. After all, it is a reality extracted from your dreams.

Welcome to Islamabad!


The online shopping is increasingly becoming mainstream these days. There is a lot to love about online shopping on local and international platforms. The best thing that I love in particular about the entire online shopping experience is that you can compare the prices on a couple of clicks without having to visit different plazas for the same reason. Another interesting thing is that you do not have to deal with the queues of traffic on your way to the market and find parking spaces clogged always. You may have a different impression but convenience is the one word if I have to define it.

In your online shopping experience, you get different products in different categories at prices that are often lower than what you found in the brick stores in the market usually. But sometimes those rock-bottom price tags mask some potentially dangerous problems. You cannot ignore the possibility of online retail outlets involved in selling counterfeit, expired, or stolen goods. Since sites like Amazon, Daraz and others allow you to buy from third-party vendors, you won’t be sure you’re purchasing from the actual manufacturer and not a criminal using a similar company name. I am sharing some useful info about some of the routine purchases below.

1. Cosmetics

Makeup items and perfumes have become a huge business for online retailers. But unfortunately, there is no regime to check the quality of manufacturing units and factories. It is observed that materials developed in subpar units could contain toxic chemicals potentially leaving the user with ugly and irreparable side effects.

2. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Nutritional supplements have also developed a huge market online these days. Scammers can easily change the date on a package to extend the expiration date. An expired product just would not work. At worst, it can be dangerous. So, when you purchase supplements from online stores, try to find one with established good reputation.

3. Sun Screen

As mentioned above, the scammers can easily change the expiry date on products, they can also change the ‘use by’ date on such items. Though the sunscreens are not edible items still the fact is that the sunscreens exposure to heat and moisture could cause those to lose sun-blocking properties. Using an expired lotion will increase your risk of burns and damage to your pretty skin. Go for a safer alternative and find authentic outlet even if it is a bit expensive.

The good thing is that your favorite luxury apartments project, the Capital Icon is located near the huge and lavish marketplace, the PWD. So you find it very convenient and safe to purchase your favorite items from your trustworthy outlets physically.

Happy monsoon!