I think everyone loves food hates dieting. If I am talking about myself, I have always been a most healthy eater and I’m not the one who would turn down a piece of cake easily.

When I was younger, I had managed to maintain my weight, so it was not difficult for me to motivate myself to exercise. But now when I have started a desk job, and with that came long hours, eating anything by sitting at one place, without any hesitation is the main cause of weight gaining I guess.

I continued to exercise almost every day, but it was not enough and my weight climbed, which was too much for my 5-foot-2-inch frame.

But now I am very much happy because after a long time I am going wear my shape back.

For getting into an ideal shape according to my age I did a lot, let me share with you all very briefly.

Weight reduction plan
  1. Customized Exercise

    There could be many but in my case, the exercise is the key to my weight loss procedure, whatever I am doing and wherever I am, I try to spare some time for my exercise plan. Another thing is that my exercise plan is not based on a gym. It can be done at any place as I like to do jumping jacks, running, squats and stretching my body so that my heartbeat can increase and then the process of calories burning could be started more easily.

  2. Reduce Per Serving Size

    This might seem like a very simple tip, but just eating less of usual servings helps to lose weight.

  3. Meal Plan

    Whenever I plan my meal, daily or weekly, I try to switch everything on vegetables, fruits and proteins instead of junk foods, which are rich of calories meal and bakery items.

  4. Fresh Fruit In Breakfast

    Some of us know that morning is the best time for taking fruits in a whole day; it sets the healthy tone for my whole day, also they are less in calories and makes us feel fresh all day long.

    Fruit for dieting
  5. Water Intake

    Las but the important most. Whether I am thirsty or not, I try to take a few glasses of water randomly. I believe that the amount of water could be according to your body needs. It could be 8 glasses, 1o or 20… take as much as your body demands.


Just being close to plants has a positive impact on individual’s well-being. Plants make your living space more comfortable, breathable and luxurious. When you make a choice of apartments’ lifestyle in the real estate of Pakistan, you find minutely managed space for such hobbies. But don’t you worry, we have something to serve you on this. You can add green beauty to your apartment with fresh and green plants this way.

Freestanding Green Wall

Freestanding green walls are the most commonly used indoors and are the most easily changeable either by changing the location or changing the presentation at your sweet will. These plants add versatility to your lifestyle. The flexibility of green walls makes them perfect for all environments.

Green live wall
Green live wall

Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants add freshness and beauty to your spaces. Be it kitchen, lunch table, lobby floor or shelf space, green plants add life to those dead pieces. Plants with climbing habit are particularly suitable to grow in hanging baskets. Spider plants and airplane plants are classic house plants commonly grown in hanging baskets.

Small hanging garden
Small hanging garden

Shelves to display Plants

Consider the houseplants as an important part of your interior decoration. Plants that are growing indoors, play a decorative role and at the same time, they contribute towards cleaning the air though in a smaller amount. You may like to use shelves in your house to keep plants on it. There you can create a small garden-like setup.

Planting shelves
Planting shelves

Pot Plants

You can use potted plants into a living space to liven it up further. Plants are an important part of the interior. You can style your house using plants in versatile, locally made pots. These pots are conveniently available in the nursery area of H9, Islamabad. The more the cultural touch it carries, the more attractive it becomes.

Plant pot ideas
Plant pot ideas


Summer is taking a physical toll while your body needs more water, salts, and other elements and your taste buds want more flavor now. Here is the time when you need to think of ways to chill when it’s hot out there. You may like to try these delicious heat-beating drinks as you have to move under the naked sun to search for the best options in real estate in Pakistan or you have anything else on your checklist today.

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry lemonade is an easy-to-make heat-beating drink. Everyone in you family, especially your kids would love to have it again and again. Luckily, the raspberry season is already here. The best part about the drink is that you can use fresh or frozen raspberries and both will offer the best exotic taste every time.

Raspberry Lemonade
Raspberry Lemonade

Ingredients: Lemonade, Raspberry pulp or Syrup, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Water, Ice Cubes

How To Make: In a small saucepan, put raspberry pulp and add sugar in it. Stir the mixture and pour water, heat it to the boiling level, stirring occasionally. Simmer about 10 minutes until the berries are mashed. Stain and let it cool. Then add ice cube into pitcher and pour lemon juice. Then add raspberry syrup. Stir it for a while and let it cool for half an hour or so. It is ready to serve and enjoy.

Lemon-Strawberry Punch

Perfect drink for spring and summer. Everyone loves this strawberry and lemon combination. The flavor of the drink is so refreshing and amazing.

Lemon-Strawberry Punch
Lemon-Strawberry Punch

Ingredients: Strawberries, Lemonade, Ice Cubes, Ginger Ale, Water

How To Make: In a small saucepan, put lemonade and water. Pour strawberries and stir for a while and then add ginger ale. Add ice in it and serve this fantastic drink.

Sparkling Peach Punch

Let prepare a fantastic peach punch today. Peach punch is a very refreshing drink and super easy to prepare. It is a perfect drink when you like to serve something that nourishes your kids or friends.

Sparkling Peach Punch
Sparkling Peach Punch

Ingredients: Ripe Peaches roughly chopped, Lemon juice, ice cubes, frozen raspberries, ginger ale

How to Make: Pure the peaches until all the lumps gone, strain the puree and make sure there are no lumps and pour into a pitcher, add lemon juice and frozen raspberries. Pour ginger ale and ice into pitcher, just before serving.

Watermelon Picnic Punch

Looking for a cold drink on a hot day with friends or family? Watermelon punch is the best option to beat the heat. A delicious and refreshing drink for summer.

Watermelon Picnic Punch
Watermelon Picnic Punch

Ingredients: Watermelon, Pineapple Juice, Lemonade, Ice cubes

How To Make: Slice a mini watermelon in half using a spoon to scrape all the fruit from the center of the melon Place into a blender and blend it then stain. Add pineapple juice and lemonade and blend it. Pour into a pitcher, add ice cubes and serve this tasty watermelon punch.

Strawberry Basil soda

It is a perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer. The combination of fresh strawberries and chilled water is so refreshing. You’ll love this strawberry and basil drink.

Strawberry Basil soda
Strawberry Basil soda

Ingredients: Strawberries, Basil Leaves, Ice Cubes, Water, Pure berries, Sugar

How to Make: Get some puree berries, add sugar and basil leaves, bring to the boiling level over medium-high heat and simmer for 8 minutes. Let it cool. Strain the syrup and add water and ice in it. Stir and serve this amazing strawberries soda.


Do you have any plan for your kids’ vacation this year? Don’t let your kids become the mere couch potatoes. Get your kids out of the addictive luxury of your residential apartment in Islamabad and help them take interest in gaining knowledge by learning history. Traveling with your children can be a great family fun idea, creating piles of lifelong memories for the days to come. This summer you can plan a trip for your kids to the locations close to Capital Icon, Islamabad. Here are 4 historical museums in and close to Islamabad where you must take your kids to.

Pakistan Monument Museum

Museum provides a unique interactive experience of getting close to things we usually see in books, newspaper or on television. Seeing Quaid-e-Azam and Fatima Jinnah, for example, is an experience totally different from seeing millions of printed images.

Curvestone Constructions

Pakistan monument museum is one of the best historical museums located in one of the most convenient places in Islamabad near Shakarparian hills to pay tribute to the heroes of our country who sacrificed everything, even their lives, to carve Pakistan on the global map. The museum depicts ancient civilization, freedom struggle of Pakistan, the birth of Pakistan and the major achievements of Pakistan till date. Museum has facilities of reference, a comprehensive library, and audio-visual archives etc.

Pakistan Army Museum

The best place to visit. The Army museum preserves the history of Pakistan Army in an amazing manner and is one of the largest museums of Pakistan. Your kids will fee more exciting here.

Curvestone Constructions

The museum’s ground floor lobby covers important happenings and personalities of the past. The top row includes information and photographs of the Chiefs of Army Staff of Pakistan. The middle row presents the life of the Governor General of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The bottom row has photographs of Prime Ministers of Pakistan. The first floor of the museum has been dedicated to Regiments and corps display. An outdoor display chronologically details armored fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, and war trophies etc.

Lok Virsa Museum

Visiting an art gallery would be more exciting for your kids. Lok Virsa is such a place that displays cultural heritage of Pakistan. The living style of the different areas of Pakistan is exhibited here in the form of statues, pictures, pottery, music and textile works etc. Lok Virsa is a museum of contemporary cultures of Pakistan.

Curvestone Constructions

Taxila Museum

Taxila Museum also depicts civilization of a particular era that includes Buddhist, Hindu and Jain religions. Taxila museum is the most attractive place to visit as it gets the visitors to older times through richness of the heritage gathered here. It has 4000 different objects showcased including stucco, terracotta, silver, gold, and ironstones etc.

Curvestone Constructions


An apartment of your own is an idea that is going to get you anchored to a particular area for the next many years. The real estate in Pakistan is relatively a newer category so the things that come as part and parcel to a living, may not necessarily be part of every available plan. So, we have decided to give you an idea of what you should be considering before making a final decision of buying an apartment in Islamabad or somewhere else.

Islamabad Expressway
Islamabad Expressway


Many experienced real estate investors evaluate on technical terms the location in which they are going to invest. They do it by focusing on a few important factors. The major concern should be the mega projects both in private and commercial categories that are about to open in those areas. It is a fact that many of us fail to understand the importance of the important most tip ‘location is everything’. Here, I want to bring to your kind knowledge an option, which is located at Islamabad Expressway, named Capital Icon, by the credible constructions group of the region, the Curvestone Constructions. Location wise it is the best option of its kind and category. I am saying it because of the fact that the development process of Islamabad Expressway is very close to completion. It has made the Capital Icon one of the prime locations of twin cities from both angles, means investment, and living.

Islamabad Expressway near Capital Icon
Capital Icon functional site office

Pre Booking

There are a few options of apartments that give you a real luxury in Islamabad. You need to look at the apartments that are under construction or new in the market. Experienced investors do know this trick that how important is to find under construction options in the market. Make sure that they are authentic by searching on the internet or by visiting their booking offices personally. Then just see their plans and advertisements and get a luxurious apartment in that lucky period of time. Reason for suggesting this is that the price has to increase only. It never comes down. I have a reference for you to start this search. You may like to visit www.curvestone.com.pk to explore more.

Capital Icon booking office near Islamabad Expressway
Capital Icon booking office


Sizes and Layouts

Your apartment is a place where you spend most of your time watching TV, playing with children or pets or cooking for your special ones and so many other things to do. So, the size of your apartment is so important. If we talk about space, then it should reflect from everything, like management of laundering space, to position of pillars, to walls and all that. In Capital Icon, for example, you find spaces managed technically, as well as aesthetically. By the way, they are offering 1 bed, 2 beds, and 3 beds apartments. So choose freely by keeping your needs in your mind.

Modern Looks

Everyone likes to live in a setting. God for a place if it is ahead of time. Make sure the place you are moving into or planning to move is up to the mark as nobody wants to be the guests to an 80’s theme home. You may like to take a look at Capital Icon Islamabad for this purpose.

Capital Icon near Islamabad Expressway
Capital Icon near Islamabad Expressway

Basic Facilities

Make a list of the basic facilities that you think are important before investing in a new apartment. Some of the basic and important necessities for a modern and luxurious are as follows:
Due spaces for futuristic interiors

  • 24/7 health clinics as emergency never tell before its landing
  • Spacious parking
  • Fully equipped gym as your health is your top priority
  • Kids play area or daycare
  • Prayer Area
  • Fool-proof security
  • 24/7 power backup
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Lifts
  • Convenience stores
  • And last but not the least, a swimming pool to beat the heat

You can add your own basic needs to this list to make it more comprehensive and then start your search at your convenience.