There are lots of things that you imagine in your life and just leave without considering the fact that you could have achieved those with a small push. And more interestingly, these things could be managed without much ado. Like, beautifying further the home spaces on fresh patterns to make your life more peaceful, has become so easy because of the availability of modern furniture and other articles easily. This rapidly developing industry is definitely going to add value to our lifestyle in the coming days. So, let’s take advantage of this. There are many other things too to enhance your lifestyle mark. I am suggesting a few things to give you an idea.

Water and Greenery

Water and greenery for peace

Dedicated spaces inside your home to get some fresh air, and have peace of mind from your busy lifestyle. It could be as small as a pot of fresh plants to as big as an entire area on ground. Water and greenery is a must. It will help you regulate your work, sleep and diet patterns.


Colors for peaceful living
Colors for peaceful living

The color and the décor of a room influence your thought processes. So the selection of the color is very important, be it your living area or the kitchen. You can make it comfy and big or congested, both depend on color. Either its white, olive green or black it should be according to your heart’s color.


Furniture for peaceful living
Furniture for peaceful living

After the peace of mind and wall colors, another important thing is furniture. It should be handy but at the same time very artistic and unique. Creative and stylish furniture makes life more pleasing aesthetically. In an apartment, the sofa could be of leather or wood but it should be handy and comfortable. The reason behind that is the need to changing the arrangements for occasions like parties etc more often.


Curtains for peaceful living
Curtains for peaceful living

Another important thing is the selection of curtains for your doors and windows. If you go for longer curtains that fall from the ceiling and kiss the floor, it should be of bright color and the fabric should be thin. Thinner fabric lets the background wall’s color reflect nicely.


Lights for peaceful living
Lights for peaceful living

Very technical as well as aesthetical… illumination is very effective for making your living moire peaceful. Selection of the chandelier becomes very important to gel with the color scheme of the room. If it is in sync, everything will make your smile expand. But if the light is not properly chosen, the chemistry between all the articles inside the room will be jeopardized.

The last thing to conclude my piece, I am suggesting just one thing, water, greenery, colors, and lights must be considered aesthetically as well as technically. Happy living!


Normally we start and end our weeks with nest of hopes and plans… and then… what happens… the same boring life, same tough schedule, crawling towards the workplace… and getting enough sleep at the end of a hard day. What we could do is just small things instead of focusing on the entire week and its busy schedules. In fact, the weekend is a perfect thought window to make plans and conduct activities that help you to get you out of your busy routines. You should avail your weekends but just in case you are busy in searching for luxury apartments in Islamabad or elsewhere, you can try this stuff.

  1. Try to meditate

Give ten minutes to yourself, try to relax, think only about those things that you really want, either it’s your life, dreams, food, or a movie. This 10 minutes window of meditation in a day is enough to make you feel better. This process will make you relax and your mind will be working more efficiently, and calmly.


  1. Have some sweets or chocolate

Take a chair, relax and eat something sweets. Better if you take some dark chocolate. Upon a few bites, you’ll feel relaxing. Your thought process will be calmer, faster and more creative. Chances are that you could have more innovative ideas because it improves cognitive performance as well.

  1. Ten minutes’ walk

You can take your pets out, ride a bicycle or walk in the nearby woods to feel the surroundings and catch some fresh air as well. This process shall make you feel fresh. They say that walk is the best window to talk to your soul and tap new ideas.

  1. Plan for a movie

To relax, try a movie of your choice. Usually, movies not only relax your mind but get your body fabric relax and calm down also.

  1. Meet with your friend

Try to meet a person with whom you can sit for few minutes so that you could enjoy their company and get attain more peace of mind. They say that the friend’s soul is the couch of your brain. Speaking about your dear ones could make you relax at the end of the day.

Be sure that these 5 simple tips would help you feel better whenever you try.


I think everyone loves food hates dieting. If I am talking about myself, I have always been a most healthy eater and I’m not the one who would turn down a piece of cake easily.

When I was younger, I had managed to maintain my weight, so it was not difficult for me to motivate myself to exercise. But now when I have started a desk job, and with that came long hours, eating anything by sitting at one place, without any hesitation is the main cause of weight gaining I guess.

I continued to exercise almost every day, but it was not enough and my weight climbed, which was too much for my 5-foot-2-inch frame.

But now I am very much happy because after a long time I am going wear my shape back.

For getting into an ideal shape according to my age I did a lot, let me share with you all very briefly.

Weight reduction plan
  1. Customized Exercise

    There could be many but in my case, the exercise is the key to my weight loss procedure, whatever I am doing and wherever I am, I try to spare some time for my exercise plan. Another thing is that my exercise plan is not based on a gym. It can be done at any place as I like to do jumping jacks, running, squats and stretching my body so that my heartbeat can increase and then the process of calories burning could be started more easily.

  2. Reduce Per Serving Size

    This might seem like a very simple tip, but just eating less of usual servings helps to lose weight.

  3. Meal Plan

    Whenever I plan my meal, daily or weekly, I try to switch everything on vegetables, fruits and proteins instead of junk foods, which are rich of calories meal and bakery items.

  4. Fresh Fruit In Breakfast

    Some of us know that morning is the best time for taking fruits in a whole day; it sets the healthy tone for my whole day, also they are less in calories and makes us feel fresh all day long.

    Fruit for dieting
  5. Water Intake

    Las but the important most. Whether I am thirsty or not, I try to take a few glasses of water randomly. I believe that the amount of water could be according to your body needs. It could be 8 glasses, 1o or 20… take as much as your body demands.