They say a home is where your love is. I wasn’t convinced with this thought initially but realized later on that we could seed love among our relationships and lifestyle only if we have developed a great place to live in. Another thing that I have found out in this quest is that the tangible things matter less and among intangible things, your focus on one thing matters a lot. That is, how much importance you give to your loved ones. The rule is that the energy that you give to others, reflects. Another exciting thing that I explored was that you could actually feel the tangible contours of your dreams if love prevails somewhere. It happens when you start believing in the place and the people around you. Such environment is the perfect place to realize the toughest things ever.

The love helps shape up your signature family lifestyle too. The transfer of energy from one individual to another leads to success on all the fronts a family has to respond to. A home is like a tree that has grown from a small seed, the seed of care. You seed care and water it with hopes and sacrifices to see it becoming a huge place for meeting the challenges of modern day pressures. Otherwise, the exhaustion prevails and that is the most devastating thing for a family environment.

Being the lady of the home, I have to manage some other things too. I have to give my family the most productive tangible environment too. For this, I manage my home environment and ambiance considering the requirement of every individual in the set of my family. Selection of the location of the family home matters a lot in this case.

After visiting the Capital Icon, a luxury apartments project by the Curvestone Constructions, I have realized that it could be the best place to seed my love, care and hopes for my family. I say this for a reason. The location of Capital Icon luxury apartments matches the contours of my dream for the success of my family from the access point of view. You may also like to explore it to see if it adds anything to your own ideas also.

Happy family life!


Your living room is a place where you spend the most of your day time watching TV, walking between different rooms, munching on chips, having a chit-chat with family members and sometimes, hatching dreams for the future of your next generation and beyond. This place becomes the nucleus of the entire family somehow. Since the living room is a place where your guests and you go to kick back and relax after a long day, it has to be very comfortable and handy for all.

You might have observed that the living room becomes a place where the television, computer and other knick-knacks come together and choke the space in many homes. Many people think that having a larger space is better but that it is not always true. The secret to making a living room look good and more lively is to take advantage of every inch of the space that you have.

While managing a smaller living room, handy furniture is not a must. There is also no need to fill the space with a giant couch or table. Do not try to resist filling up space, when you do not need to. This will just make your guests and you feel like you are being crowded out.

The elements like designed shelving, hidden storage, accent lighting and solid color schemes also go a long way in making a small space seem larger. All the spaces present design challenges but designing a smaller one can be especially tricky. We have to do it because the living room is where you probably spend the most of your time, and certainly, the one guests experience the most of.

To make your small living room seem bigger, I am sharing some hacks here:

  1. Try to focus your wall and use mirror and wallpapers.
  2. Add hidden storages.
  3. Choose small-scaled furniture.
  4. Completely fill a corner.
  5. Downsize the sofa.
  6. Try a Deewan instead of a sofa if possible.
  7. Add some plants of algae and fern family to add green instead of plants of bigger leaves.
  8. Use multifunctional furniture.
  9. Manage in-wall storage.
  10. Use armchairs and easy chairs instead of solid wood sofas.

Your living room is ready to invite as many guests as you want now.


5 Must Visit Places In Islamabad

Islamabad is counted as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So if you are planning to visit Islamabad for the first time and want some beautiful places to visit, then here are some of the must-visit places in this city.



No.1 Trail 5 Margalla Hills:
Margala Hills plays an important role in the beauty of Islamabad. These beauty hills are full of greenery and here you can also find different kinds of animals and birds. If you really want to enjoy the beauty and nature of these hills then “Trail 5” is the best place for that. This is a hiking trail that leads you from Islamabad to “Peer Sohawa”. On the way of this trail, you can find different picnic spots, small waterfalls and beautiful sights of Islamabad.


No.2 Centaurus Shopping Mall:
Centaurus Shopping Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Islamabad and it’s also considered as one of the biggest Malls in South Asia. This Shopping Mall consists of 5 floors. Here you can find almost any big brand‘s shops in Pakistan. There are also several International brands’ shops. This Mall has one floor dedicated for food courts. There you can find local and international restaurants and food chains.

No. 3 Fatima Jinnah Park:
Fatima Jinnah Park also known as Capital Park or F-9 Park, is a public recreational park situated in the F-9 sector of Islamabad, Pakistan. The park is one of the largest dedicated areas in Pakistan. For physique conscious people, it has tracks for walking and jogging. It also has a dedicated play area for the children. Small artificial lakes, statues, and monuments make the park a very different fun place from others.

No.4 Saidpur Village:
Saidpur Village is located in the foothills of Margalla range. This village has been surviving the hardships of time since the Mughlia Dynasty. This village has several old buildings carrying a very signature architectural pattern that attract many local and international tourists. This village has been managed especially for tourism purposes. There are also some restaurants in this area too.

No.5 Pakistan Monument:
The Pakistan Monument is a national monument and heritage museum located at the Shakarparian Hill in Islamabad, aimed to symbolize the national unity. The Pakistan Monument’s architectural design carries the theme of a blooming flower that has petals symbolizing various aspects of the nation and the state. Four big walls represent four provinces of Pakistan while three small walls represent Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and the  Tribal Areas.


There are lots of things that you imagine in your life and just leave without considering the fact that you could have achieved those with a small push. And more interestingly, these things could be managed without much ado. Like, beautifying further the home spaces on fresh patterns to make your life more peaceful, has become so easy because of the availability of modern furniture and other articles easily. This rapidly developing industry is definitely going to add value to our lifestyle in the coming days. So, let’s take advantage of this. There are many other things too to enhance your lifestyle mark. I am suggesting a few things to give you an idea.

Water and Greenery

Water and greenery for peace

Dedicated spaces inside your home to get some fresh air, and have peace of mind from your busy lifestyle. It could be as small as a pot of fresh plants to as big as an entire area on ground. Water and greenery is a must. It will help you regulate your work, sleep and diet patterns.


Colors for peaceful living
Colors for peaceful living

The color and the décor of a room influence your thought processes. So the selection of the color is very important, be it your living area or the kitchen. You can make it comfy and big or congested, both depend on color. Either its white, olive green or black it should be according to your heart’s color.


Furniture for peaceful living
Furniture for peaceful living

After the peace of mind and wall colors, another important thing is furniture. It should be handy but at the same time very artistic and unique. Creative and stylish furniture makes life more pleasing aesthetically. In an apartment, the sofa could be of leather or wood but it should be handy and comfortable. The reason behind that is the need to changing the arrangements for occasions like parties etc more often.


Curtains for peaceful living
Curtains for peaceful living

Another important thing is the selection of curtains for your doors and windows. If you go for longer curtains that fall from the ceiling and kiss the floor, it should be of bright color and the fabric should be thin. Thinner fabric lets the background wall’s color reflect nicely.


Lights for peaceful living
Lights for peaceful living

Very technical as well as aesthetical… illumination is very effective for making your living moire peaceful. Selection of the chandelier becomes very important to gel with the color scheme of the room. If it is in sync, everything will make your smile expand. But if the light is not properly chosen, the chemistry between all the articles inside the room will be jeopardized.

The last thing to conclude my piece, I am suggesting just one thing, water, greenery, colors, and lights must be considered aesthetically as well as technically. Happy living!


Normally we start and end our weeks with nest of hopes and plans… and then… what happens… the same boring life, same tough schedule, crawling towards the workplace… and getting enough sleep at the end of a hard day. What we could do is just small things instead of focusing on the entire week and its busy schedules. In fact, the weekend is a perfect thought window to make plans and conduct activities that help you to get you out of your busy routines. You should avail your weekends but just in case you are busy in searching for luxury apartments in Islamabad or elsewhere, you can try this stuff.

  1. Try to meditate

Give ten minutes to yourself, try to relax, think only about those things that you really want, either it’s your life, dreams, food, or a movie. This 10 minutes window of meditation in a day is enough to make you feel better. This process will make you relax and your mind will be working more efficiently, and calmly.


  1. Have some sweets or chocolate

Take a chair, relax and eat something sweets. Better if you take some dark chocolate. Upon a few bites, you’ll feel relaxing. Your thought process will be calmer, faster and more creative. Chances are that you could have more innovative ideas because it improves cognitive performance as well.

  1. Ten minutes’ walk

You can take your pets out, ride a bicycle or walk in the nearby woods to feel the surroundings and catch some fresh air as well. This process shall make you feel fresh. They say that walk is the best window to talk to your soul and tap new ideas.

  1. Plan for a movie

To relax, try a movie of your choice. Usually, movies not only relax your mind but get your body fabric relax and calm down also.

  1. Meet with your friend

Try to meet a person with whom you can sit for few minutes so that you could enjoy their company and get attain more peace of mind. They say that the friend’s soul is the couch of your brain. Speaking about your dear ones could make you relax at the end of the day.

Be sure that these 5 simple tips would help you feel better whenever you try.