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Online Shopping Tips

July 22, 2017 by curvestone0

The online shopping is increasingly becoming mainstream these days. There is a lot to love about online shopping on local and international platforms. The best thing that I love in particular about the entire online shopping experience is that you can compare the prices on a couple of clicks without having to visit different plazas for the same reason. Another interesting thing is that you do not have to deal with the queues of traffic on your way to the market and find parking spaces clogged always. You may have a different impression but convenience is the one word if I have to define it.

In your online shopping experience, you get different products in different categories at prices that are often lower than what you found in the brick stores in the market usually. But sometimes those rock-bottom price tags mask some potentially dangerous problems. You cannot ignore the possibility of online retail outlets involved in selling counterfeit, expired, or stolen goods. Since sites like Amazon, Daraz and others allow you to buy from third-party vendors, you won’t be sure you’re purchasing from the actual manufacturer and not a criminal using a similar company name. I am sharing some useful info about some of the routine purchases below.

1. Cosmetics

Makeup items and perfumes have become a huge business for online retailers. But unfortunately, there is no regime to check the quality of manufacturing units and factories. It is observed that materials developed in subpar units could contain toxic chemicals potentially leaving the user with ugly and irreparable side effects.

2. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Nutritional supplements have also developed a huge market online these days. Scammers can easily change the date on a package to extend the expiration date. An expired product just would not work. At worst, it can be dangerous. So, when you purchase supplements from online stores, try to find one with established good reputation.

3. Sun Screen

As mentioned above, the scammers can easily change the expiry date on products, they can also change the ‘use by’ date on such items. Though the sunscreens are not edible items still the fact is that the sunscreens exposure to heat and moisture could cause those to lose sun-blocking properties. Using an expired lotion will increase your risk of burns and damage to your pretty skin. Go for a safer alternative and find authentic outlet even if it is a bit expensive.

The good thing is that your favorite luxury apartments project, the Capital Icon is located near the huge and lavish marketplace, the PWD. So you find it very convenient and safe to purchase your favorite items from your trustworthy outlets physically.

Happy monsoon!


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