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Capital Icon Photos

Each apartment is a masterpiece as it is designed aesthetically, and that too with attention to the minutest details of every article that we have used in the development process. You’ll find the best management of space once you enter into your apartment. Have a look here …


When aesthetics lead, marvels happen… it is that simple. The Capital Icon is such a marvel that will grab you by your heart and get you what you ever dreamt of. The look and feel of the interior of your apartment is so mesmerizing 🙂


When you relate a place to your good self, the place becomes so signature… and so is the case with the Capital Icon. Securing your place in the Capital Icon, you’ll feel proud to share your address with your extended family, friends or business partners online or offline 🙂


The work progress at Capital Icon is quite speedy and satisfactory. We ensure the quality time and work spent on each process.


Welcome to the Capital Icon. Just buzz us to make your tour more convenient and worthwhile.